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Atsion Mansion with Pinelands Adventures Bus

Atsion Village Tour

Have you always wondered what is inside of Atsion Mansion? Our guide will take you on a tour through this once-majestic home and tell you about the family who built it. Afterwards, you will tour the ruins of what was once Atsion Village as our guide introduces what life was like in a Pine Barrens  »

Storyteller talking around a campfire

The Jersey Devil and Pine Barrens Folklore Guided Hike

The Pine Barrens have long been a place where legends, tales, and mythical creatures are born. For many years, these stories were not written down, but told over a roaring campfire or whispered in dark corners from person to person. Join us for a guided hike in the forest where we’ll continue in the rich  »

Moon rise over Pine Barrens Forest

Night Hike

Take our guided evening hike to get a different perspective of the forest under the light of the moon. »

Nature Rx Guided Walk

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest on our guided “Shinrin Yoku” inspired forest bathing walk. We invite you to unplug, slow down, and reconnect while falling in love with nature. Be a part of rekindling the ancient relationship between humans and the forest.   What is Forest Bathing? In 1982,  »

Kayak Lessons

Learn the basics of kayaking with instructor Allison Hartman in our three-hour class. This introductory program is designed to help you feel comfortable while enjoying this great outdoor activity. »

cranberry plants indian mills new jersey

Cranberry Farm Tour

Pinelands Adventures Presents: Moore’s Meadow Cranberry Farm Tour Join Pinelands Adventures on a tour of Sammy Moore’s Cranberry Farm, Moore’s Meadow Blueberry and Cranberry Farm. Moore’s Meadow Cranberry Farm is an independent grower. You’ll get an overview of this cranberry operation and: Meet the farmers and watch them harvest berries in the bog Understand how  »

Online Adventures

Pinelands Adventures Online Adventures bring New Jersey's Pine Barrens to you with our most popular programs! »

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