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The Pinelands Adventures Team

Meet the Pinelands Adventures team of expert guides and educators.


Glenn Adams, Yard Supervisor and Driver

Glenn Adams

Glenn has helped introduce area residents to the Pine Barrens since 1978! He worked as a driver and guide with Adams Canoe Rental and continues to work with Pinelands Adventures. Glenn’s knowledge of the business and the forest has been invaluable to us. Glenn’s full-time job is as a civil engineer with the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Jeff Larson, Driver and Guide

Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson has been a pinelands resident for most of his adult life. He is an avid pickerel fisherman who has spent countless hours exploring the watersheds within the Pine Barrens. He has enjoyed many years of exploring the deepest, most remote areas of the woods and has a profound respect for the history and culture of the region. A professional musician and guitar teacher, Jeff released two albums with a pine barrens related theme that have been well received in the community and internationally.

Drew Doughty, Driver

Drew Doughty

Drew Doughty joined Pinelands Adventures in 2018. He is a natural fit for our team who loves spending time in the pines and traveling to other beautiful natural places whenever he’s not working or at a concert.
Hometown: Mays Landing
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Mel Jaggard, Driver

Mel Jaggard

Mel found us in 2019 and it was like he’s been here all his life. An avid kayaker, fisherman and hummingbird whisperer, Mel spends all his free time outdoors in the Pines or at one of his favorite local breweries.

Monica Cahill, Driver

Monica Cahill

Monica joined our team 2019 and quickly became a customer favorite. Her love and knowledge of the Pine Barrens is apparent on every trip.

Jason Howell, Driver, Guide, Riverkeeper & Photographer

Jason Howell

Jason Howell is an NJ Volunteer Master Naturalist, Wilderness First Responder, and is a volunteer with Mid-Atlantic Search and Rescue covering Southern New Jersey and The Pinelands National Reserve. Jason works full-time as Stewardship Coordinator with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and helps us at Pinelands Adventures whenever he gets the opportunity.  Jason is an avid canoeist, hiker, and wilderness skills enthusiast.

Steve Luell, Driver and Guide

a photo of staff member Steve Luell loading a kayak on a trailer
Steve Luell

Steve brought vast knowledge of Pine Barrens flora and fauna to Pinelands Adventures. He’s worked as a teacher, researcher and watershed ambassador. Steve also leads Pinelands Adventures popular Cranberry Farm Tours as well as a number of our guided group programs.


Bryan Mitchell, Driver and Guide

Bryan Mitchell

Bryan is an avid kayaker, kayak instructor and school teacher who we finally convinced to join the Pinelands Adventures Team in 2019 after years of trying. We met Bryan as a customer who loved to escape for a paddle in the Pines. He is an elementary school teacher when not working with Adventures.



Amanda McCutcheon, Office Assistant

Amanda McCutcheon

If you call Pinelands Adventures on the weekend, Amanda is likely to answer. She is an painter who specializes in life-sized portraits, an avid gardener and loves to cook.



Rob Ferber, Director

Rob Ferber, Director of Pinelands Adventures
Rob Ferber with Cranberry Scoop

Rob Ferber came to Pinelands Adventures in December 2014 to lay the groundwork for the business. He’s resided in south Jersey for over 25 years. Prior to joining Pinelands Adventures, Ferber was the manager of Linvilla Orchards, in Media, PA. In his free time you will find him crabbing on the Delaware Bayshore or traveling.








Currently on leave

John Volpa, Director of Education

John Volpa

John is responsible for Pinelands Adventure’s guided trips and education programs. He has extensive history as an educator working and exploring in the Pinelands. Most recently he served as an environmental science teacher for more than two decades at the Indian Mills Middle School in Shamong. John facilitated Pinelands Preservation Alliance’s annual teacher education program for ten summer sessions. He is the driving force behind the Black Run Preserve and is the Chair of the Friends of the Black Run Preserve.


Mike Neral, Driver

Mike Neral

Mike arrived at Pinelands Adventures in 2018 not a moment too soon. At the time we needed another driver and Mike hit the ground running knowing just what to do. You might find him wandering anywhere in the Pine Barrens when he’s not helping launch customers or regaling them with stories about the Pines. Be sure to ask him about his cats!

Donald “Ski” Sulewski, Assistant Director Rancocas Programs

Donald “Ski” Sulweski

Ski joined Pinelands Adventures in 2017 and quickly became an integral part of our team. After retiring from the United States Army, he was promoted to oversee our Rancocas operations. An avid outdoorsman, who loves to hike, hunt and fish, he has learned much about the Pine Barrens and is always eager to share his knowledge about its plant and animal life. In his spare time, he likes to teach and learn about primitive survival skills and is an amateur knife maker.

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