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Industries in the Pines

Join your guide, Jeff Larson, on a trip to explore what remains from past industries of the pines and be amazed at how nature has reclaimed the forest.


martha furnace new jersey pine barrens
Photo by McKinnon Erario

The Pine Barrens are a post-industrial forest. It has been said that by 1850 no trees existed between the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean due to industrial over-harvesting in the region. While such a claim is slightly exaggerated, it is difficult to imagine that the forest wilderness we know was once a major industrial center. Evidence of bygone eras still lies hidden among the quiet streams and thick patches of wild huckleberry.

Pinelands Adventures' Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide.
Pinelands Adventures’ Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide.

On this tour you’ll be led by guide Jeff Larson, who has been exploring the Pine Barrens for more than three decades. Jeff will take you on an immersive trip to learn about Piney culture and history, visit the ruins of places like Hampton Furnace, see cranberry bogs of the past, and much more.

Participants will travel by bus and make several stops to explore on foot.

Trip departs from Pinelands Adventures on Atsion Road.


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