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Mullica River – Overnight Trip

The Mullica River canoe and kayak trail is a favorite for paddlers looking for a longer journey through Wharton State Forest. This trip is for paddlers who have reserved campsites at the Mullica River campground and plan to camp overnight.


Kayaking and canoeing is a truly incredible experience on the Mullica River. You’ll move through narrow passages surrounded by tall cedar stands, navigate the twists and turns before the rivers opens to wider areas fringed with beautiful white and yellow flowers of the water lily and purple flowers of pickerel weed. Many times you will find yourself surrounded by silence with only the buzz and hum of nature to accompany you on your journey.

From the put-in below Atsion Lake, you’ll paddle about two to three hours to the campsite where you’ll camp for the night. It takes about three to four hours to paddle from the campsite to the take-out at Pleasant Mill where Pinelands Adventures will pick you up. All campers on this trip must bring all of their own supplies. The Mullica River Wilderness Campsite is not accessible by motor vehicle.

Before booking your overnight trip with Pinelands Adventures, you must make a separate campsite reservation with Wharton State Forest at the Mullica River Wilderness Camp.


Trip begins at Pinelands Adventures headquarters.


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