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Cranberry Farm Tour

Tour Quoexin Cranberry Company bogs and get a unique and up close look at this unique "dry harvest" cranberry operation.


Pinelands Adventures Presents: Moore’s Meadow Cranberry Farm Tour

Look for fall dates coming soon!

Join Pinelands Adventures on a tour of Sammy Moore’s Cranberry Farm, Moore’s Meadow Blueberry and Cranberry Farm.

Moore’s Meadow Cranberry Farm is an independent grower. You’ll get an overview of this cranberry operation and:

  • Meet the farmers and watch them harvest berries in the bog
  • Understand how and when bogs are flooded
  • Observe the equipment and methods used on the farm
  • Learn about wet harvesting

Please NoteThis trip does require a bit of standing and walking (up to 200 or 300 yards).