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Cranberry Farm Tour


Pinelands Adventures Presents: Cranberry Farm Tour

Join Pinelands Adventures on a tour of one of the Pinelands’ premier cranberry farms.


You’ll get an overview of the cranberry operation and:

  • Meet the farmers and watch them harvest berries in the bog
  • Understand how and when bogs are flooded
  • Observe the equipment and methods used on the farm
  • Learn about wet harvesting

For all cranberry farm tours, please meet at our shop fifteen minutes before the tour time. All tours are subject to change due to weather and harvest availability.

Theodore H. Budd & Sons Cranberry Farm

Saturday, October 15, 10am

Sunday, October 16, 8am

Thursday, October 20, 10am

Saturday, October 22, 1:30pm

Sunday, October 23, 8am

Moore’s Meadow Blueberry and Cranberry Farm

Saturday, October 22, 9am

Please NoteThis trip does require a bit of standing and walking (up to 200 or 300 yards).