Thanks for a Successful Year

2015 was a great success for Pinelands Adventures with many discovering the Pine Barrens and Wharton State Forest for the first time.



Looking forward to 2016

One year ago Pinelands Adventures was still just an idea. It was a thoughtfully developed idea, and it was well on the way to becoming a reality, but it wasn’t a done deal. By this time last year I had just been hired to run Pinelands Adventures. At that point, we still didn’t own Adam’s Canoe Livery and not much was certain, not even the name “Pinelands Adventures.” We didn’t have any staff, website or reservations system. Heck, we didn’t even have a canoe!

Moonrise on the Mullica River at Goshen Pond in the new jersey pine barrens.
Moonrise on the Mullica River at Goshen Pond. © Ernest Cozens III /

But we did have a solid foundation from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) whose staff and trustees had been working very hard for many months to find funding and create a structure for Pinelands Adventures. As a result of their effort, I was able to hit the ground running and put all of the necessary pieces in place to launch in May.

Our customers and members of PPA made cheap valtrex buy Pinelands Adventures’ inaugural season a success.

Ultimately, it was our customers and members of PPA who made Pinelands Adventures’ inaugural season successful. Judging from the reviews and comments, I know we’re on the right track and we’re excited about our plans for the new year.

If you value your experience with Pinelands Adventures, I hope you’ll consider joining the Pinelands Preservation Alliance or making an end of the year donation to PPA. If you are currently a member – thank you!

PPA staff toil every day to protect our Pinelands National Reserve against relentless pressure from development and special interests that seek to weaken the rules that protect the Pinelands.

Staff of Pinelands Preservation Alliance preparing to paddle the Batsto River in the new jersey pine barrens.
Staff of Pinelands Preservation Alliance preparing to paddle the Batsto River.

Whether you paddled or hiked the Pine Barrens for the first time or you are an experienced Pine Barrens explorer, we hope your journey with us demonstrated to you what’s at stake if we don’t continue to work to protect the Pinelands.

Stay tuned for info about our 2016 schedule, which we will be rolling out over the coming months.

We hope you’ll be back soon with your friends and family for another adventure.

Happy New Year!

Rob Ferber

Pinelands Adventures