Rachel Grace

Sweet Pepper Bush

While exploring the Pinelands in August, you may notice a surprisingly sweet smell. As you scan your surrounding environment, your eyes land on the beautiful, white blooming flowers of the sweet pepper bush (Clethra alnifolia), a shrub commonly found in the sandy soil of the pines. »

What Is In Bloom In July?

You can’t help but notice the sweet smell of the pines in July. The days can be long and hot but are made bearable by witnessing the variety of life flourishing everywhere one looks. From midsummer wildflowers in bloom to fantastic fungi displaying themselves and spiders roaming the pine needle-covered ground, there are always flora and fauna to be seen. »

What’s In Bloom In June?

During the month of June in the Pine Barrens, you can find many blossoming flowers from shades of purple to yellow against the background of green pines and tan sugar sand. Orchids and pitcher plants are in bloom, shorelines in the pines are lined with pickerelweed, prickly pears are revealing their blossoms, and northern fence lizards are laying in the warmth of the sun. »

Sunset over Pine Barrens Lake

Flora and Fauna To Look For This Spring

During the month of May, keep your senses aware of the ecological changes happening around you. »

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