Pine Barrens Tar Pits?

(Not exactly)



GiantSlothDuring a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was able to fulfill a long-held wish to visit the La Brea Tar Pits.  Taking a journey back in time to the Last Great Ice Age, this region now known for Hollywood stars was home to much different big names: Mammoth, Giant Beaver, and Giant Sloth.  Reflecting shallow water atop seeping warm tar lured these herbivores to a slow death mired in thick asphalt.  The prospect of an easy meal was the undoing for over four hundred saber-toothed cats, their black-stained skulls now mounted on the Museum’s back wall.  Imagining the same herbivores wandering the tundra that became the Pine Barrens I visualized the ancestors of the MammothLenni Lenape, the “original people”, using advanced technology to hunt them for food, clothing, and shelter.  Such prehistoric conjuring is just one stop on the Pine Barrens Time Machine small group bus tour.  Join me for a ride through New Jersey’s past.