Jeff Larson’s Pine Barrens

Jeff has been exploring the Pine Barrens for over twenty years and Pinelands Adventures is lucky to have him as part of our team. You can join Jeff for an upcoming adventure!



It was a fortuitous day when Jeff Larson answered an ad posted by Pinelands Adventures seeking drivers for our canoe and kayak trips. A long-time member of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Jeff is a passionate pinelands explorer who has spent decades discovering hidden places in the pines and uncovering the stories of the people who lived here.

When Jeff came in for an interview, it was apparent that he would be more than just a driver hauling people and gear from the Adventure Center to the launch site. His knowledge and the ease with which he shared tales of the Pine Barrens complemented Pinelands Adventures perfectly.

Jeff has become one of our most popular drivers. It’s common to receive compliments about him from our customers who are consistently impressed by their experience travelling to and from the river in his bus. From these customer comments, and through many hours of talking with Jeff, it was clear that adventurers would enjoy exploring the Pinelands with him and take cheap topamax buy away a greater appreciation for this unique place. As a result, Jeff developed our Pine Barrens Habitats Tour and space is still available for his November 14 and December 5 trips.

Pinelands Adventures' Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide.
Pinelands Adventures’ Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide.

An avid fisherman, Jeff can always provide anglers tips about the pickerel that inhabit our waterways and offer suggestions about the best choice of lures and gear to hook them. When Jeff is not driving, fishing or exploring, he works as a professional musician and guitar teacher. His two albums, Leeds Devil Blues and The Barrens, share Pine Barrens themes and are available at Pinelands Adventures, Pinelands Preservation Alliance or by download from his website.

Pinelands Adventures has been lucky that each member of our team reveres the Pinelands and brings their own unique experiences to share with our guests and each other.

Reserve your space for our Pine Barrens Habitats Tour today or call 609-268-0189 for more information.