Theme Weekends in April

Join in the fun and participate in our theme weekends!



Introducing theme weekends for our self-guided paddling trips! Imagine paddling down the Mullica River and around the bend…you see a couple of people wearing bunny ears and pastel colors?! 

Laughter is good medicine. It brings us together, improves our mood and reduces stress. So even if you choose not to participate, we hope you have some fun and see unexpected sights on the river! 

If you participate – get a picture of your party during your trip and post to Instagram.  Tag @pinelandsadventures and use #AprilAdventuresFun so we can feature you on our page.  You will be entered into a contest each month for the best costume. 

April 9-10 Go Undercover!
Bring out your camo and earth tone colors to see who can blend in best with the natural surroundings. Prefer to be a secret agent or on a safari?  Fun Fact: Animals use camouflage as a defense tactic usually to avoid predators or sneak up on prey.  A great example in the Pine Barrens is the northern fence lizard.  This lizard is almost the exact color of the tree trunks on which it can be found!

April 15-18 Pastel Party
Get ready for the Easter bunny!  Wear your pastels, bunny ears, bonnets. Fun Fact: River Otters are almost as elusive as the Easter Bunny and can be found in Pine Barrens streams and wetlands. Happy in fresh and brackish waters, they most often are reported in the lower stretches of rivers flowing into the Atlantic coast estuaries. Given their secretive habits, one is far more likely to see otter-signs, such as the slides they wear in stream banks, than to catch sight of an otter itself.  Learn more.

April 22-25 Green It up!
Celebrate Earth Day and wear green! Help clean the river and riverbanks by bringing back any trash found along your journey for a thank you gift from us. Learn more about Earth Month activities on the Pinelands Preservation Alliance web calendar.

April 29-30 Mardi Gras vs Cinco de Mayo
Bring your beads or your sombrero… or both and celebrate on your way down the river!  Historical Tip: Mardi Gras dates back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites.  It is also referred to as Carnival and is celebrated around the world especially those with large Roman Catholic populations. More information here.  The fifth of May, or Cinco de Mayo, is a holiday celebrating the Mexican army’s victory over the much bigger and well-equipped French army on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.  This minor holiday in Mexico has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the United States.  Learn more.

Important Theme Weekend Safety Considerations

Theme weekends are fun but safety and protection of the environment is paramount.  You must follow these guidelines:

  1. Any costumes or accessories cannot impede in the safety of your paddle or restrict movement. Clothing/items should not cause unsafe conditions if you end up submerged in water to swim/egress to safety. 
  2. Refrain from glitter, paints, beads that can end up in the water if submerged or any permanent tapes/glues/stickers that can harm boats/equipment.  Do not bring/wear anything that you do not want getting wet or damaged.
  3. Guests are still required to wear life vests over any costumes/apparel.  No offensive language or graphics.  Accessorize with hats, sunglasses, face paint!