Theme Weekends for 2022

Here are the themes for the rest of 2022! Have some fun paddling and raising the spirits of people around you while you enjoy your canoe or kayak trip. Get a picture of your party during your trip and post to Instagram. Tag @pinelandsadventures and use #AdventuresFun so we can feature you on our page.  You will be entered into a contest each month for the best costume and win some fun prizes.



June – Celebrate the 1970s
Let’s celebrate everything 1970s this month – go solo or get your whole party to play along with the theme. There is so much to pull from! Bell bottoms, leisure suits, disco-style! Think Brady Bunch, Sandford & Son, the Village People, Stevie Wonder, Rappers Delight, Space Invaders….I could go on.  And on April 22, 1970 we celebrated the first-ever Earth Day!

July – Red, White and Blue!
We kick off July with Independence Day on July 4th!  So why not celebrate our independence all month long?  Wear your red, white and blue and celebrate America. Think Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, fireworks and all who sacrificed for our country. 

August – Comic Con Month
Dress up as your favorite cartoon, Disney or Superhero character!  Celebrate your fandom by kayaking down the river as Michael Scott from The Office, or Iron Man, Harry Potter, Falcon, Miles Morales, Storm, or Black Widow.  Wear your passion literally on your sleeves.  See if we can guess who you are!

September – The 1980s were like …. Totally   
Oh the 1980s, the age of synthesizers, Atari, Nintendo, glam rock and rap. Bright bold neon colors, wrap around belts, shoulder pads, HUGE hair, Aqua net, perms, Chuck E. Cheese, and MTV. Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, fishnets, malls, cabbage patch kids…there really is so much inspiration.

October – Fall Fun and Halloween   
Wear your black and orange as we celebrate the start of fall and Halloween! Costumes (as long as they are safe for paddling), pumpkins, fall treats – it is all there for the taking.  October is also Pinelands Month (designated by the state of New Jersey) and the final month of the paddling season.  So let’s enjoy it while we can!

Important Theme Safety Considerations

Theme weekends are fun but safety and protection of the environment is paramount.  You must follow these guidelines:

  1. Any costumes or accessories cannot impede in the safety of your paddle or restrict movement. Clothing/items should not cause unsafe conditions if you end up submerged in water to swim/egress to safety. 
  2. Refrain from glitter, paints, beads that can end up in the water if submerged or any permanent tapes/glues/stickers that can harm boats/equipment.  Do not bring/wear anything that you do not want getting wet or damaged.
  3. Guests are still required to wear life vests over any costumes/apparel.  No offensive language or graphics.  Accessorize with hats, sunglasses, face paint!