Single Kayaks vs. Double Kayaks vs. Canoes

Choosing the right boat for your adventure makes a big difference!




Single Kayak: Overall, we find that the majority of our guests are most successful and have the best experience in our new fleet of single kayaks. Perception Sound 9.5 or 10.5 boats are short, making them easier to maneuver along our narrow, winding rivers. These comfortable, sit-inside kayaks are super stable; have roomy, open cockpits; and a capacity of up to 335 lbs. While there are always exceptions, as a rule, people that have never paddled before take to kayaking more easily than canoeing.

Double Kayak: Also known as “tandem” kayaks, these boats fit two people but no more. Our Perception Cove 14.5 kayaks can be the boat of choice when paddling with a small child in the front or when on of the paddlers doesn’t really want to work very had at it! We jokingly call these “divorce boats” because some couples fight over which way they are going. Unlike a tandem bike where the pedals move at the same time regardless of what each partner is doing, the paddling pair must really work well together to make it down the river.

Canoe: Our 15′ aluminum canoes have many advantages such as a substantial carrying capacity of up to 585 lbs., which is great for gear for overnight trips, and they can fit up to 3 people although that is not recommended on our rivers unless the middle rider is small. When water levels are low canoes are more likely to get hung up on submerged obstacles. Paddling a canoe generally requires more skill and some knowledge of stroke technique for a successful trip down the river. Canoeing is seeing a resurgence among young people and for those that grew up canoeing these vessels are often the first choice.

220 cm Kayak Paddle

Bring Your Own Canoe (BYOC) or Kayak (BYOK)
If you book a self-guided trip for a BYO boat, we’ll provide the transportation so you won’t have to bring two cars, wasting time shuttling back and forth from the launch site and landing. When you arrive you may leave your boat on our beach area (centrally located in our parking lot) or unstrap your boat from your vehicle, notify us and we’ll unload it from your car for you. Upon return from your trip, we will load your boat back on your vehicle.

Canoe Paddle