Thank Members of the Military this Memorial Day Weekend

A Million Thanks provides support and appreciation to our active and veteran military men and women through sending letters and granting betterment of life wishes, as well as providing higher education scholarships to their children.



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Pinelands Adventures is hosting a letter writing event Memorial Day Weekend (May 27 to May 30) for the A Million Thanks Organization. Their mission is to provide support and appreciation for active and veteran military men and women by sending letters and providing other services.  Letters go to military members who are active, reserve or veterans who are serving abroad, at home or recovering in a hospital.

Guests can utilize Adventures as a drop off center if they want to participate without joining a trip. You can drop off or write your letters at Adventures between May 27 and May 30. We will have pens, notecards, and paper for you to use.

Making Your Own Card?

Blank notecards, company letterhead, construction paper and blank paper are all acceptable.  The size of the card does not matter. They can’t accept commercial or store-bought card with preprinted messages. All letters must be handwritten. Please do not seal any cards in envelopes as the cards need to be checked prior sending them out. You may include your return address on the card/envelope if you wish to have a service member respond–although this is not guaranteed. They also ask that there be no glitter, confetti or edible items.

What should the letter say?

You are encouraged to express heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation in your card. Your letter can start with ‘Dear Hero’ or ‘Dear Troops’. Messages are sent to military personnel serving all over the world and many do not get mail from home. You can include information about yourself, what your hobbies are, what your occupation is, or what you are studying in school. If you know someone or have a family member who served in the military – feel free to share that.  Tell them that their service does not go unnoticed.  Sample letters can be found here.

If you are having little ones (or big ones) color or draw for a project, have an adult still write a message of thanks and support on the picture as well.  All letters must have handwritten content.  Do not make all letters the same, please individualize them. They also accept holiday-specific cards (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) and again, must be blank, handwritten messages.

Thank you for participating.