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Weird Pine Barrens Cryptid Night Hike


Have you ever had an experience you simply cannot explain, or witnessed something so strange it made no sense? The NJ Pine Barrens are full of mysterious and unexplainable cryptids from Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil, to glowing orbs which float silently among the trees of the overgrown Central Line. On this night hike we’ll cover approx. 4 miles of trails/sand roads of Wharton State Forest in an area known for unusual occurrences and finish the evening with a campfire at the Goshen Pond Campground. Perhaps we’ll spot the mysterious Devil himself or the famous White Stag of Shamong, maybe we won’t, but it will be an enjoyable experience.

Night Sky in the forest

Dress and prepare for the outdoors, bring snacks/water. Bring a light with you (preferably one which can shine red, to keep your night vision working) but we do have a limited number of headlamps for you to borrow. We may even have a special guest for the night.