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Upper Batsto Guided Tour

Come explore the remote and beautiful upper Batsto River on a fun and challenging trip for experienced paddlers!


For Experienced Paddlers Only!

Get ready for a challenging kayaking adventure through some of the most remote, beautiful, and historically significant stretches of the of the Batsto river with one of our experienced river guides. Our journey begins at Hampton Furnace, where bog iron was produced in the early 1800s, which later became Hampton Park as the iron industry faded giving rise to cranberry culture. From there the shallow, soft cedar water will gently carry us downstream to cross under the Central Railroad of New Jersey, where we can stop and listen for the distant whistle of the fabled and once beloved Blue Comet. Learn how industry gave way to nature as the forest reclaimed the river and the lands with primeval stands of Atlantic White cedar and hardwood bogs bordered by ascending banks of upland pitch pine, blackjack oak and heath thickets providing a rich habitat for unique plants and wildlife. Test your skills and overcome obstacles to be rewarded by rolling paleo dunes; remnants of the last ice age when mastodons roamed the land. Remember to pack lunch and plenty of water for a stopover at Lower Forge Campground so we can stretch our legs and answer nature’s call if needed (pit toilets on site). Downstream from the camp, discover a few more surprises reminding us of the industrial period in the pines as we conclude our six-mile sojourn through Piney past and ecological present, just upstream from Quaker Bridge.  

river running through a cedar swamp

This 6–8-hour journey is recommended for experienced paddlers. There are many obstacles in this wilderness area and the water level drops quickly making this a challenging but fun adventure. Frequently navigable by single kayak only. 

Ages 12 and up