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The Mysteries of Pine Barrens Geology


The Pinelands isn’t the first area that springs to mind when one says geology. Where are the mountains? The volcanoes? The rocks? There is plenty of sand, and that’s where we find clues to the Pinelands geologic history. There were once volcanoes in New Jersey and oceans advancing and retreating and glaciers to the north. And now, there are 13 major soil series, based on the geological material making up the Pinelands. This tour will show us the gravels, sands, bog iron, and soils of the region with stops at Apple Pie Hill, Friendship Bogs, Franklin Parker Preserve, Oswego Lake and the Pygmy Plains.

Trip leader Karenne Snow took her first geology course in an Oklahoma high school, finished her college degree at Rutgers, switching her major from physics to geology. While at the Academy of Natural Sciences, she was responsible for the educational component of the “What on Earth” exhibit, in one of her many roles there. She is the co-author of “Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey” and continues her enjoyment and fascination with field trips through her association with the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society and Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Trips.