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Pinelands Adventures Online Adventures bring New Jersey's Pine Barrens to you with our most popular programs!


Pinelands Adventures Online Adventures bring New Jersey’s Pine Barrens to you with our most popular programs! Hosted by our experts on each subject, these webinars last about an hour each. You’ll need to be ready to learn and have fun with a good internet connection.

Winter Raptors – Ben Wurst and Pamela Dimeler

January 20, 2022 at 5pm

two barred owls on a branch

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Learn more about raptor species in the Pine Barrens with help from top researchers, photographers, and tour leaders. No matter how long you’ve been birding, this webinar with Ben Wurst and Pamela Dimeler is sure to advance your skills!

Length ~2 hours  Cost $15

Ben Wurst, Habitat Program Manager for Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ will share his experience working with raptors, including ospreys, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles in coastal New Jersey over the past 15 years. He’ll discuss their identification, life history, current management, and status. Attendees will also learn what they can do to help these majestic birds of prey throughout their range in New Jersey and beyond.

Pamela Dimeler will present a program sharing her observations of a family of barred owls in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Barred owls are known for their call that sounds like the phrase: “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?” In this multimedia program, you will learn all about this secretive, unique, and very inquisitive owl. Pam will share photographs and videos of the Barred Owl’s behaviors in the wild, including her close encounter with two juvenile barred owlets. Pam will also discuss the dangers they face in the wild, such as the destruction of their habitat and the impact from the use of rodenticides.


Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pine Barrens – Carlos Martinez Rivera

February 22, 2022 at 11am

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Participants will learn about the importance of amphibians and reptiles, PPA’s efforts to address conservation threats, and actions that can be taken to benefit this group of animals.

Length ~2 hours  Cost $10

In this webinar, you will learn about some of the fantastic conservation projects currently underway in the New Jersey Pinelands from Carlos Martinez Rivera, Ph.D. and Emile D. DeVito, Ph.D. Carlos is Director of Conservation Science for the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Emile is Manager of Science and Stewardship for the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. The presentation will include current threats, opportunities, and conservation stories focusing on Pine Barrens Treefrog (Hyla andersonii), Northern pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus), and Eastern Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum). The objective of this webinar is to improve awareness of herps and provide training that will allow participants to plan and implement conservation measures more effectively.

Reptiles and amphibians (“herps”) are an important wildlife group with many species in decline as a result of habitat loss and degradation. The objective of this webinar is to improve awareness of herps and provide training that will allow participants to more effectively plan and implement conservation measures to benefit them. The webinar will describe the basic natural history of herps, species and habitat goals, important conservation areas, and examples of effective planning and management for herps.


Going Native with Jersey-Friendly Yards – Karen Walzer and Becky Laboy

March 24, 2022 at 1pm

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Length ~2 hours  Cost $10

This program will showcase the resources and tools on Jersey-Friendly Yards (, an online guide to landscaping for a healthy yard and healthy environment.  Learn how native plants can help you reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, conserve water, and create much-needed habitat for wildlife in your yard.  The presenters will showcase the native plants in several Jersey-Friendly gardens.

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