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Nature Journaling

Explore and experience nature in a new way through nature journaling!


For centuries, people have been illustrating and describing their observations in journals. As we have begun to better understand how the brain works and how we learn, this process has been refined. We now know that keeping a nature journal can help focus our attention and assist us in better remembering our observations, thoughts, and experiences.

Nature journaling is the practice of collecting and organizing your thoughts, questions, and observations in a notebook using words and pictures. You do not need to be an artist or naturalist to begin! These skills are open to everyone, and with practice, this can become a lifelong hobby. Nature journaling will enrich your experiences and help you to develop observation skills, curiosity, gratitude, reverence, and naturalist skills. When you begin nature journaling, you look at the world through a new lens. As you shift your perspective, the world will offer you its secrets of wonder and beauty.

For our nature journaling session in the Pine Barrens, we will begin by taking a bus ride into the forest. Once there, our guide will lead you on a short and easy hike to a beautiful clearing in the woods. This is when the fun begins! Our guide will introduce the process of nature journaling and walk you through the beginning pages. Then you will have the chance to reflect on the stunning scenery surrounding you and record your thoughts, feelings, and observations in whatever way you see fit. After that, we’ll return to Pinelands Adventures with a new appreciation for the natural world around us.

Small notebooks and limited art supplies will be provided. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring any art supplies they wish! Please wear good walking shoes, dress for the weather, bring water, and be prepared to traverse uneven terrain. Mats for sitting will be provided.