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Into the Woods

An up-close and intimate exploration of various Pine Barrens habitats with long-time explorer Jeff Larson.


To some, the Pine Barrens appear as a monotonous expanse of sugar sand and pine trees. However, a closer look reveals a multifaceted biosphere comprised of unique habitats. This trip will include an exploration into the various Pine Barrens environments. Characteristics of each habitat will be discussed including flora, fauna, natural and human influence. Areas to be visited include upland pine-oak communities, lowland pine communities,  rare and unique spungs, scenic savannas, hardwood (gum) swamps, quiet streams, and beautiful cedar swamps. This is a great opportunity to see the Pine Barrens in a way the casual observer never experiences.

Pinelands Adventures' Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide.
Pinelands Adventures’ Jeff Larson is a skilled Pine Barrens guide. (Waders are not required for this trip!)

This trip involves hiking short distances over rugged and wet terrain. Participants should be physically fit enough for an excursion of this type. Appropriate footwear and perhaps extra socks are required. This is a 3-hour small bus, group tour.


Guide Jeff Larson has been a Pinelands resident for most of his adult life and has spent countless hours exploring the watersheds within the Pine Barrens. He has enjoyed many years of exploring the deepest, most remote areas of the woods and has a profound respect for the history and culture of the region.

Recommended for ages 16 and older.

Trip departs from Pinelands Adventures on Atsion Road.