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Birding in the Pines

Come birding with your guide to see the unique birds that call the Pine Barrens home


Birding in the Pinelands can be a challenging experience, since finding the birds is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time, especially for those migratory species that overwinter in Southern New Jersey. We will look for interesting birds that are resident or just passing through the area. On the March 14th Adventure we will meet at the Speedwell Entrance to the beautiful Franklin Parker Preserve at 9:30AM taking a slow hike for a couple of hours, passing through both woods and wetland, and open cranberry bogs. On the March 21st Adventure we will meet at the newly acquired NJCF/PPA Rancocas Cranberry Farm (632 Ongs Hat Road, second gate access) at 9:30AM, and take a slow hike for a couple of hours hoping to see some of the special birds that live or pass through the area. We will be the first public group to access this property, so it should be very interesting to see which species may be present. Also, for the very first time, we are excited to have Ornithologist Claire Campbell lead these programs for us, so a big thank you for Claire’s expertise!

March 14th: Meeting place is the Speedwell entrance to Franklin Parker Preserve. Directions available here:

March 21st: Meeting place is the newly acquired Rancocas Cranberry Farm at 632 Ongs Hat Rd, Second gate. Directions available here: