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Birding in the Pines


Birding in the Pinelands of Southern New Jersey can be a challenging experience, since finding the birds is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time. About 100 species call the Pinelands home during the summer and winter. Find the summer warblers, winter waterfowl, and the surprises of migration. On this Adventure, we’ll spend 3-4 hours hiking trails for 2 to 3 miles hoping to see some of the special birds that live or pass through the Pine Barrens.

5/23 Spring Migration “Heading North”
6/20 Summer is for “Raising Young”
9/27 Fall Migration: “Birds On the Move Again”

Trip leader Karenne Snow has been bird watching since she was 7 years old and encountered Laysan Albatross on Midway Island. She became a birder when she moved to New Jersey and discovered migratory birds. Taking part in several Christmas Bird Counts and several World Series of Birding teams has honed her skills. She’s led birding trips for the Academy of Natural Sciences, Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures and others.