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Hampton Furnace Exploration

A perfect primer for everyone who wants to learn about Pine Barrens history, ecology and culture.


This Pine Barrens primer is perfect for everyone who wants to learn about Pinelands history, ecology and culture, including families with children from ages 6 to 15. Explore a serene Atlantic White Cedar swamp and discover life in a Pine Barrens stream between the Upper Batsto River and Skit Branch creek. Step back into the history of Hampton Furnace, its 18th century bog iron manufacturing, its transition to the cranberry industry, and the scene of a vicious 1916 robbery attempt. Adults and kids will be able to explore the streams, use dip nets to look for aquatic life and examine unique carnivorous Pine Barrens plants.

Program is about 2 hours.

Hampton Furnace in the Pine Barrens, Wharton State Forest
Ruins at Hampton Furnace in Wharton State Forest.